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ZERO-OHM: Pushing boundaries, and bending rules

What if you could drive your amp to the edge of zero ohms without shutting down? Sounds impossible? ZERO-OHM can make the impossible possible!

Provides the ideal commercial audio solution.

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  • Ability to connect up to 20 – 50 speakers in parallel.
  • Different speaker types with different impedance can be used.
  • No transformers required.
  • Provides a uniform power distribution over long distance cable runs.
  • Provides a full range frequency response.

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From the Curator:

“When Zero-Ohm approached us with this technology we were amazed, in the AV industry its equivalent to showing someone a unicorn! Its pure magic and it opens up a whole world of speakers in a commercial environment, we not don’t need to spec boring 100V boxes, we can really install any speaker, any quality and any design…….. We wanted them to be part of the family!”