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The Vanco International legacy began with their self-titled brand. As one of the first brands to offer HDMI cables before they were widely available, Vanco has the unique privilege of truly understanding distributor connectivity needs and requirements.

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With over 1,800+ SKUs and growing, the Vanco® line is their most comprehensive selection of audio and video products and accessories available for distribution. The line features a large assortment of value-priced audio and video distribution, cable, IR kit, converter and adapter, networking and wall mounting solutions, that distributors can mix-and-match to offer installers everything they need for the latest in audio and video technology.

From The Curator :

“Pretty early on we talked to the guys at Vanco and they showed us the offering for components, cables etc, its always the same with installs equipment and actual cable runs are not, in the main, the issue, its usually the small parts at each end have to work in harmony and Vanco give us a great selection of small parts at fantastic prices to pass on to you”

Dizztribution are delighted to the UK trade supplier and distributor of Vanco audio video products and accessories.



Vanco Premium High Speed HDMI Cables with Ethernet - showing HDMI cable ends



VAnco Cable pass through - showing spring loaded pass through with three cables going through.