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Simply45® is the industry-leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions.

Our founders are leading developers and manufacturers of twisted pair cabling and RJ45 connections. They have been leaders in Category cable development for over 20 years and have over 100 years of combined experience with twisted-pair cabling and RJ45 modular plugs. They also pioneered the development of HDBaseT® Category Cables which were the first-time industry-standard category cables that were re-engineered to improve networking performance required to support new generation LAN cable applications.

From The Curator

“Simply 45 has blown my mind, from colour coding plugs, to staggered twisted pair ends to the awesome end cap they have considered every flaw with the amazing pass through RJ45 end and come up with a solution, ALL network, AV and electricians should be using these! We are delighted to be on board as Scotland distributor”