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The brand Beale Street Audio is owned by Vanco International.

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For each model we carefully match all the components to provide outstanding performance and the best value for money. Our factories, engineers, and designers are some of the best in the business.

Sonic Vortex™ technology produces a rich, full listening experience with amazing bass and effort-less clarity. The magic of Sonic Vortex™ relies on the most technologically advanced enclosure system on the market. Within every Sonic Vortex™ enclosure there is a ‘twist’ on the traditional ported transmission line. Beale speakers optimize air movement through a series of spiraling ports resulting in huge increases in bass response in a very compact enclosure. Listen once and the story will tell itself.

Beale products carry the best warranty in the industry when purchased through an authorized channel. Our speakers are protected under a lifetime warranty. Our warranty policy is aimed at protecting our integrators and making doing business with Beale simple.

The actual Beale Street is based in the heart of downtown Memphis, Tennessee USA. Memphis has served as a hub for music and live entertainment for decades. The goal of Beale was to recreate that passion and excitement of Beale Street’s music scene in a format that people can enjoy in their home and businesses. By utilizing Sonic Vortex™ technology we are able to provide customers with an immersive listening experience unlike any other.

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Dizztribution are delighted to be the UK supplier and distributor of the Beale Street Audio range.



Beale Street In-Ceiling Dual Voice Coil Speaker IC6DVC - angled view


Beale Street Audio In-ceiling subwoofer ICS6-MB - showed at an angle.


Beale Street Amp cropped


Beale Street Pendant Speaker Enclosure (PESV) in White


Beale Street Audio Logo