The FSR Smart-Way Raceway System is the intelligent choice for cable management. Easily installing on top of or in any flooring and on walls – providing a quick, easy, affordable and attractive installation.

The Smart-Way Raceway gets cables where they’re needed.

FSR Smart-Way Raceway system - showing a composite image of a system on floor and in floor showiing channel for power on each side of the system with data channel in the middle.

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Our Smart-Way raceway system is configurable for either on top of (vinyl, carpet, wood) or in any flooring (carpet, wood, tile, laminate) with the provided edging. The Smart-Way system reshapes how you get cables across the floor to where they’re needed. Designed to fit today’s working environments, the Smart-Way prioritizes functionality without sacrificing good design or beauty. With its crisp lines and sophistication, the raceway will leave a lasting impression of timeless quality. The Smart-Way is a simple, affordable and effective way to clean up messy cables and wires, while getting them across the floor where needed.

The tabs below take you through the steps involved in planning and ordering the correct products for your installation.

How do you create the perfect raceway?

Your first point will be a site survey to find out exactly what your client wants to achieve, you want to measure up distances and work out where your wall entry point to the Raceway is, and whether you have two or more wall entry points. You also want to count amount of corners, bends and Tee’s required. sketch requirements onto a plan or drawn plan.

Dizzyfish integrator and customer discussing plansConsider the floor box locations and what modules the client requires in the floor boxes, we have floor boxes for every scenario so get an idea of desk requirements so you can meet all requirements of the office.

Wall boxes are the first to choose with low profile or high profile, in aluminium or slate, add them to your basket. Find wall box options in the categories below.

Smart-Way Raceway Wall Feed Box - Showing high profile slate finish wall feed boxSmart-Way Raceway Wall Feed Box - Showing high profile aluminium finish wall feed box

You then choose your finish (Aluminium or slate) and amount of various lengths angles and Tees depending on what you sketch plans show you need. Find Lengths, Angles and Tees options in the categories below.

Smart-way Raceway - Tee with Aluminium Finish Smart-way Raceway - 45 degree angled corner Slate Finish

Check your survey for amount of floor boxes and desk locations and desk locations to plan out how many you require, add configurations required. Find floor box options in the categories below.

FSR Smart-way raceway device floor box - showing gaps in box for socketsFSR Smart-way raceway device floor box - showing gaps in box for sockets

Choose what combination of modules and power is required, choose power modules and decora keystone inlays, remember to click the links to add in what keystones you need for the inlays. Find Modules and Power options in the categories below.

FSR Smart-way Raceway device plate insetrs - two plate inserts shown showing plate cover and plate underside.

Check out accessories and tools, if you need any advice or want your basket checked over drop us a line, HINT – the prying tool is a worthy tool to have 🙂

Find Accessories options in the categories below.

You are now ready to plan and install raceway. Browse the categories below to find the components you need.