What is Dizzycare?

We came up with Dizzycare because we wanted a structured maintenance agreement, which wasn’t a structured maintenance agreement….. Let us explain.

Maintenance agreements are BORING!!!! and pointless, there we said it! You never need them unless the worst happens and with a professionally installed system the worst happening is few and far between, but does happen sometimes!

Also they are usually yearly payments which hit the budget hard! So we came up with Dizzycare, One of the really cool things about Dizzycare is it is available for both commercial and residential clients, Its even available to people who didn’t even buy from us!

We of course want to look after our own clients of upmost priority but we feel you shouldn’t be denied because you went a different route so it is also open to anyone who has AV and who has lost touch with their installer, or it was a previous home owner, We can help!

We are doing it as an incredibly cost effective deal with terms tailored to how much equipment you have from a  simple wall mount to a whole home system….. and it can evolve with your system.

Dizzycare also includes

  • three call outs a year for repair and maintenance, but you can also use it to setup new equipment, book in a yearly health check, or even pack up your kit securly for a home move.
  • With the call out you also have a free engineer Q&A where you can ask us anything about any kit in your home or that you are considering buying from us or elsewhere.
  • You get 10% off any future purchases or out of warranty repairs.

Dizzycare is more a club than a maintenance agreement so let us Dizzycare for you as your maintenance team>