Dizztribution – AV Products, tech and tools for Installers by Installers
Our Ethos:

At Dizztribution we believe that having confidence in our products is key. As AV integrators ourselves we use these products in our own installations and so we have the confidence that your clients will get the quality of products they require.

We curate a collection of the finest audio visual products, technology and tools to meet the needs of clients and offering solutions to AV installation challenges. We can provide advice on specifying products for your installations as well as providing support with use of products during installation.

As trade-only distributers we supply Audio Visual custom installation, integrator, network technicians, security and electrical trades. Serving both sole traders through to larger scale commercial companies.

Our brands:

Dizztribution are trade-only distributers for All-Rack, Aquavision, AudiMaxim, AudioFlow, Beale Street Audio, Cobi Cabling, Evolution, FSR Inc, Hideit Mounts, iEAST Audio, KableMate, Klein Tools, LINIAN, Partizan, Pulse Audio, Simply45, Super-Rod, Vanco, Zero-Ohm.

We are the sole UK distributors for: AudiMaxim, Beale Street Audio, Cobi Cabling, Evolution, FSR Inc, iEAST Audio, Pulse Audio, Vanco, Zero-Ohm.

Trade Account: Want to get the best trade prices around? Simply apply for a Trade Account today. Once we confirm your application you can access exclusive trade rates on all our products.



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